Usines Th. Mortier

Th.Mortier at the Amsterdam World Exhibition of 1895

On the letterhead pictured on p.25 of the book 'The Mortier Story', a reference is made to 'Amsterdam 1895'. This refers to the World Exhibition held in Amsterdam in 1895; technically speaking, it wasn't a real World Exhibition: the official name was 'Wereldtentoonstelling voor het Hotel- en Reiswezen' (World Exhibition for the Hotel and Travel Business). Although Mortier is not listed in official catalogues of this exhibition, he appears to have been present with two organs. Terry Smythe in Canada sent us a searchable version of the German journal Zeitschrift für Instrumentenbau, and on pp.815-816 of the volume for 1894-1895 there is a short report about the piano manufacturers at the exhibition. At the bottom of p.815 we read: 'Finally we would like to mention two mechanical organs by Th. Mortier in Antwerp, a larger and smaller model, which have a beautiful sound, insofar this can be expected of a mechanical organ.'

Then the question arises if the two photos pictured at the top of p.23 of the book 'The Mortier Story' could have been taken at the exhibition in Amsterdam …

Reference to Th.Mortier in Zeitschrift für Instrumentenbau of 1894-1895